Processing Team


Through years of hard work and experience accumulation, we established solid loan processing team to help agent and customer close.

For each customer, we normally assign one loan processor serve for customer's needs directly. So your needs and inquiry will always have some one to handle it.

Each of our agent are generally supported by 2-3 loan processors to make sure all their transactions can be processed immediately and closed as fast as it can.

Our processing team stay up-to-date for most recent information about interest rate trend, loan products, lenders guideline, compliance requirement, software and technologies etc.

Some of our processors have over 20yrs loan experience and many of our loan submit with no or minor conditions. Also we have experienced couple of economic cycle, rapid changing market situations, up and down etc. So we know what to do at what type of scenario.

Our team will keep on providing high quality loan processing for customer and agents.

Here are some of our leading processors:

    • Lan Wu: Sr. Loan processor

    • Vivian Jin: Processing Team Leader

    • Jamie Lin: Sr. Loan processor

    • Evelyn Zhang: Sr. Loan processor

    • Michelle Yeh: Sr. Loan processor

    • Nancy: Sr. Loan processor

    • Suki Chen: Sr. Loan processor

    • ....