Closing Cost

About Closing Cost

  • All 3rd party fee to be paid before closing include real estate, loan and misc. fees.
  • Agent commission normally paid by Seller.
  • Always ask your agent or escrow office upfront, write down the numbers to avoid payment-shock or short-of-funds
  • Closing cost is negotiable between seller and buyer and might variable case from case
  • Generally we will follow common sense, local custom rules and mutual agreement to allocate closing cost.

Who paid what?

Wonder who paid what part of Closing Cost in your target county, check here!

What’s covered by no point no fee?

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How to get closing cost estimation?

  • Ask your real estate agent what can be potential closing cost like inspection reports fee and repair fee etc.
  • Once start escrow, ask title or escrow company for a free fee estimation for all title, escrow, city and county related costs.
  • Before apply for a loan, ask for a good faith estimate from the mortgage broker for loan related costs.
  • Before signing final papers, ask for an estimated HUD1 (also called estimate settlement statement) from title/escrow company which will list all estimated closing costs.
  • Ask your real estate and mortgage broker to help you review.
  • After closing, check and verify the final HUD1 (also called final settlement statement) sent by escrow company which will list all your actual cost include prorated interest, tax and insurance.