Tax Document list


If there is income , there will be tax consequences. This list is for reference only. Any tax question please refer to CPA or licensed professional!

Income Documents

    • Wage income (Form W-2)

    • Self employment income (Form 1099-MISC)

    • Interest income (Form 1099-Int)

    • Dividend income (Form 1099-Div)

    • Stock transaction details (Form 1099-B and Form 8949)

    • Pension or retirement income (Form 1099R)

    • Social Security income (SSA-1099)

    • Real estate transaction income (Escrow Statement)

    • Rental income and expense

    • Sole proprietor business income and expense

    • Form K-1 from partnership, S-corporation, or Trust


    • Home mortgage interest statement (Form 1098)

    • Real estate tax statements

    • Medical expense includes prescription medicine, medical insurance

    • and doctors Visit mileage and fees

    • DMV license fee

    • Charity donation receipts

    • Prepaid estimated tax records

    • New home escrow statement & new car purchase statement

    • Cash or non-cash gift or inheritance

    • Child and dependent care Expense with the provider’s ID and address

    • Children Education Expense (Form 1098-T)

Other tax related information

    • Social Security Number and birthdays for all family members

    • Previous year tax return

    • New green card holder or not sure of your residence filing status in the US, need the dates you entered and exited the US for the last three years.

If you have foreign assets:

    • Foreign Bank, Investment, retirement and Insurance Account Monthly Statements

    • Foreign Income (Wages, interest, dividends, rental income, etc.)

    • Foreign Expenses

    • Foreign Partnership or Corporation Financial Statements & Tax Returns

    • Foreign Individual Tax Returns

Company Tax 1120 Doc list

  • Company Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets