School District

SCHOOL District

School is always one of the most important factor for parents to buying their future home. Due to short of inventory, low change-hand rate and longer occupancy period, real estate properties located in good public school district normally:

  • More expensive

  • Gain higher appreciation

  • Maintain value better

  • More desirability

  • Gain more buyer interests

  • Easy to sell and hard to buy.

Home near good private school district also sell fast due to convenience.

School Boundary


How to find School info?

  • Check school district about schools this subject property belong

  • Verify school by calling the county office

  • Search by internet

How to Rating schools?

    • Use API score, it's old info but still good fo reference.

    • Check parent's rating

    • Use 3rd party website

Academic Performance Index(API) Score

API is an old standard used in California to measure the academic performance and growth of Public schools. For more details click here.

  • A numeric index (or scale) that ranges from 200 to 1000.

  • The statewide API performance target for all schools is 800.

  • School with higher percentage of Asian students tends to have higher APIs.

School Boundary Map

Not all public school nearby is good and we normally need to carefully check the school boundary map, attendance area map, school locator or call the school district. During the years of collection, we have accumulated many boundary maps from internet and hopefully this will help you as well. You can Click here! for school boundary maps in California Bay Area.