For Buyers

For Buyer

People buy or invest Real Estate for all kinds of reasons,.

Purpose to Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate

    • Self-use with a better and comforter living quality

      • Make more financial sense than paying rent

      • Out of space when home expansion such as getting married, have a newborn or with parents moved in

      • Better school district for kid

      • Relocation and job change

    • Mid to Long term home appreciation and capital gain

    • Tax benefits and income deduction

Search For Properties

Tax Issue

Area Info & School District Info

Buyer's Checklist Before Start

  • What to buy?

    • Primary, secondary or investment properties?

    • If Investment Property, what is your investment goal?

      • For cash flow, appreciation or both?

  • Target Area?

  • Target Price Range? Why?

    • How much down payment do you have & Source of Down payment

    • How much is your household income? Is the income verifiable?

    • Do you current own or rent?

      • If rent, how much is the rent?

      • If own, how much is the monthly payment (Mortgage/Property tax/Insurance)

  • Where do you live now? Pro and con of your current place?

  • How many people live in your family most time? Who are they? If have kids, what’s the Kid’s gender and age?

  • Will parents-in-law need to live with you?

  • Where do you work now? How about the other family member, where do they work?

  • Purpose to buy?

    • Save Rent (Current rent vs. Mortgage)

    • Save Income Tax

    • Need larger space 1-10? (How many story/# of bed & bath/Living sqft/Yard)

    • Need better school 1-10? (Either elementary, Middle, High School or all three)

    • Need to close to work

      • Wife’s work

      • husband’s work

      • In the middle for both’s work

    • Etc.